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Letter: Seniors should support levy

As a retired teacher interested in quality education, I ask my fellow senior citizens to support the Willmar Schools by voting yes on the upcoming referendum on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Voting yes would raise your real estate taxes about $10 per month on a house with a $100,000 taxable value. In my estimation this is a small price to pay for continued quality education in the Willmar School District.

As the father of five children who graduated from Willmar High School, I know what quality education means. I and their mother are proud of the fact they received an excellent education in the Willmar Public School system. Their education enabled them to graduate from college with a bachelor's or greater degree.

Taxpayers supported me when I attended the public school system as a child. I urge senior citizens to support our grandchildren and great-grandchildren by voting yes on the Willmar School referendum on Nov. 2.

John Thell