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Letter: A vote we owe for our future

You hear a lot of talk every political season about taxes and how they need to be lowered, and how government needs to be made smaller.

But when it comes to our schools and the education of our children, when does the lack of funding, cutting costs and downsizing become detrimental to the point that we as citizens say enough is enough? Is it when there are not enough textbooks in supply to give one to each student? When they cannot take a textbook home to study for a test? When there are not enough desks for each student in a class and students have to sit in a chair along the wall? Is this a sign that we have maybe reached the point where we need to fund our schools a little better?

This is happening right here in Willmar, in our schools, to our children. In a time when we are falling further behind in math and science, we cannot even give each child a textbook to look at and study from. We cannot in some classes give each child a desk to sit in because the class size has outgrown the room. This is not right and should not be acceptable to anyone in this school district, whether they have children in school or not.

These children are the future of this nation. We owe them at the very least the same things we had growing up. This is why I ask people reading this to approve the school levy. It is needed, period. I have been told that this levy passing may very well depend on how our elderly citizens vote. That bothers me, because they have done their share. They have worked hard and now many live on fixed incomes. Even so, I hope they will sacrifice and vote for this levy. I also hope our next governor and legislators will do what is right and put the funding for schools back where it belongs, in the general fund, instead of on the back of property owners.

Ron Adkins