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Letter: Time to clean house

So Wally the Beer Man got in trouble at a Twins game selling liquor to a minor. I suggest he just explain to the judge that he didn't deliberately set out to break the law; it happened by mistake. The precedent for this "sin" has already been established in Kandiyohi County District Court.

And based on that precedent, the charge should be lowered to a petty misdemeanor and the fine lowered to $1.

If that doesn't work, try to plea-bargain with the county attorney. That's gotten to be commonplace in Kandiyohi County. As reported earlier, there were at least 24 plea bargains accepted here in July, and the number in September was 25.

If you extend that out to 12 months you're talking about 300 plea bargains in Kandiyohi County in one year. That means charges decreased in severity or dropped altogether, time behind bars is stayed, and the slaps on the wrist continue.

If you're tired of this nonsense, vote for Jenna Fischer for county attorney. Unfortunately, the term for the judge referred to in paragraph 1 above doesn't expire this year.

And while on an endorsement kick, I might as well make my pitch for Frank Yanish for mayor. We could use a change in that office too. With the city administrator retiring next year, this is a good time to start cleaning house at city hall and getting rid of those who seem to be more interested in "ruling the roost" than representing the people. And that includes the highly paid people whose arrogance doesn't belong in city hall.

If I lived in the Second Ward I'd vote to re-elect Ron Christianson. He listens to the people he represents, and even those from outside his ward.

I only know one candidate for school board, Shawn Mueske. He belongs back on the school board.

The race for governor is a tough one. I've changed my mind about four times and I'm still not sure who to vote for. Do I dare ask, where's Jesse when we need him?

John Tradup