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Letter: Re-elect Beccue

I write to support Boyd Beccue's re-election as Kandiyohi County Attorney. I have known and worked closely with Boyd on the board of directors of the Minnesota County Attorneys Association for eight years. He is an outstanding county attorney who has the utmost respect for his peers, who elected him president of MCAA in 2007.

Prosecutors are vested with great authority in our criminal justice system, and serving as a county attorney is no easy task. We are called upon daily to make difficult decisions as to whether someone should be charged with a crime and what sentence to seek upon conviction, in order to hold offenders appropriately accountable and protect crime victims and the public. We need experienced and skilled individuals in this important position of public trust and responsibility who fully understand the many impacts our decisions have upon individuals and the communities we represent. Boyd Beccue is such a person.

Boyd Beccue has fought hard to protect the safety and well-being of the residents of Kandiyohi County and improve Minnesota's justice system for 20 years. I have witnessed Boyd's great passion for his profession on many occasions. He is a spirited participant in policy level discussions affecting public safety issues in our state and has testified before the Minnesota Legislature in support of bills aimed at improving the criminal justice system. Boyd Beccue also has the managerial and leadership experience needed to address the difficult issue of meeting budget shortfalls now being experienced by county attorneys and others at all levels of government across the state.

It is for these reasons that it is important to return Boyd Beccue as Kandiyohi County Attorney. He has the skills, experience and dedication you need in your county attorney.

James Backstrom

Dakota County Attorney