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Letter: Vote yes for the future

We have lived in Willmar nearly 40 years and our children were blessed with a top-notch education in the Willmar Public Schools. Before we moved to Willmar we taught in public schools for 16 years. Education is a high priority for us.

Bill and Melinda Gates (Microsoft) were featured on CBS's "60 Minutes" earlier this month. It was heartwarming to hear that they allocate one-fourth of their foundation gifting to schools. During this critical time in Minnesota when 79 districts are seeking additional local levy money, we were thrilled to hear Bill Gates make this statement: "The country is built on ingenuity, it's built on having lots of very well-educated people, and if you are from a poor family how are you going to break out of that? Well, education is the only way. Education is the thing that 20 years from now will determine if this country is as strong and as just as it wants to be."

Everyone must vote yes next Tuesday.

Raeanna and Walt Gislason