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Letter: It's a poor intersection fix

I would like to congratulate Duininck Construction on their quick work to complete the Highway 71/23 (business) intersection with the law enforcement road and the golf course road.

However, this poorly designed project, which cost more than $725,000 (plus the additional costs of the newly added emergency vehicle access), should never have happened. Obviously it was designed by Larry and approved by Curly and Moe (aka the state, county and city).

Wouldn't reducing the speed of the highway traffic and adding stoplights (with advanced notice of the light changes) have been enough?

I am sure it would have been a fraction of the cost. This would have left a safe access from any direction to law enforcement, the county building and the MinnWest campus, without the U-turn or adding traffic to Civic Center Drive. This project is proof positive that some people do get elected to, or are promoted into, jobs that they are incompetent to perform.

As I pass through this mess each day I will be reminded that most of these people can be voted out of office.

Steve Vossen