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Public Forum: Dog shot, family traumatized

To the person that shot my springer spaniel by Svea this week.

I just want to let you know what transpired that day for me and my family, so you would know the impact your thoughtless actions had on many people.

I had stepped outside my house by the sounds of my mail person talking to my dog on the porch. I went outside to see Bosco, my dog, bleeding and unable to move, I brought him to the vet, thinking he had been hit by a car.

They took x-rays and saw the bullet and his shattered hip. I had no choice but to have him put to sleep. I had to sit there in agony and fill out the forms and say goodbye to him knowing what was going to happen next.

Two hours later my kids got home from school. I had to tell them that their dog was no longer with us. I could not tell them the truth because they would not be able to understand why someone would want to shoot their puppy.

I then had to try and comfort them as they cried in bed at night. My other springer will not go into her kennel at night because Bosco is not there with her.

I do not understand what the reason was for you to have to touch so many lives in this way. Who ever you are I will never forget that day or you. I will also never stop looking for an answer.