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Letter: Those left-wing hypocrites

I read with amusement the March 16 letter by Lee Paulson from Glenwood. He criticized Michele Bachmann's mistake in referring to "The shots that were heard around the world" that happened a long time ago in Lexington and Concord, New Hampshire, instead of in Massachusetts

Yes, she made a mistake, and the left-wing media went nuts over it. If my memory serves me correctly, when the Obamacare bill was passed, Vice President Joe Biden dropped the "F" bomb and nobody on the left said boo. I guess it must be OK to use foul language in public as long as you're a progressive liberal Democrat, but if you are a Tea Party member, or a conservative Republican, making a small mistake is forbidden! If I remember right there was only one perfect person in this world and they nailed him to a cross.

Earl Pederson