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Letter: Good news, for a change

Our stoic nature is not just a Scandinavian trait, but pretty well describes the citizens of the United States.

So what prompted my thoughts today: the front page story, Thursday last, in the West Central Tribune describing students as polite and friendly. Then also in the same issue the honor roll with so many GPAs of 4 and higher. With all the news about bad teachers and failing schools, it's about time we build on our successes.

While we are at it, I'll wager the victims of the tornadoes that have ravished the nation recently are glad we have an infrastructure in place that can help their plight.

We might even recognize the fact that Minnesota isn't imploding. Our unemployment rate is 2 percent lower than the U.S. as a whole, and that new jobs are actually coming to Minnesota as in building tractors in Jackson. Enough for now.

Alec G. Olson