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Letter: More restrictions on teachers

As difficult as it must already be for a teacher to conduct class in a modern-day special education classroom, the teacher's plight has just gotten worse by placing added restrictions on the use of the valuable tools of seclusion and restraint to remove the unruly from the classroom. I am referring to the April 26 West Central Tribune article about the new education restrictions and associated mandate.

In order to maintain a milieu in which teaching can take place, it is necessary for the teacher to be in control of the classroom and students. When out-of-control behaviors occur, the teacher is responsible to well-behaved students to return the classroom to a peaceful environment as quickly as possible so that little is lost from the day's lessons. The tools of seclusion and restraint, already the last steps taken to assure a controlled classroom, are now essentially removed as control measures, empowering the unruly to create chaos, while taking classroom time away from those who would learn.

Steve Olson