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Letter: No winners in state shutdown

35,000 state employees will receive layoff notices on June 10. At first glance, it might appear to many that this will be one great way to help balance our state budget.

Yet more than most, my Hutchinson community is well aware of the collateral damage massive layoffs can trigger: Restaurants, car dealerships, and many others will ultimately feel the pinch of this layoff.

As crazy as it sounds, to briefly shut the doors to our government will cost over a million dollars. Just to prepare for the shutdown is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of your tax dollars. Of my tax dollars. I don't mind paying taxes for schools and roads and services, but it really bites to see money going to something that will not benefit anyone.

Who's to blame? Democrats? Republicans? Unions? The governor? The Legislature? The uninterested populace? All of the above? It is time to toss partisan politics aside and get to work on a solution. There are no winners in a state shutdown, just losers: 5,266,214 Minnesotans to be exact.

Terry Sandquist