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Letter: Keep church, state separate

A couple weeks back Lavonne Van Zee said I was full of hate. Is it because I believe all people, green, yellow or orange, are equal or because I believe that women should receive equal pay for equal work, or is it because I believe a woman has the right to choose how she wants to live, and that includes abortion, or is it because I believe in the separation of church and state?

I do not live in Syria or Libya, I live in the U.S.A. and our forefathers said we will have a separation of church and state not to be dictated by some right-wing religious fanatics. Our forefathers put in the separation of church and state because they remembered all too well the witch burners of Massachusetts, and some of the other fanatics that were thrown out of Europe when this country was first settled.

Remember the words "In God we Trust" were not put in our pledge and on our money until 1953 because our Founding Fathers wanted church and state separate. The words were put in the same year President Eisenhower told the nation all kids deserved an equal education no matter their color. That addition of words was pushed through by a Michigan right-wing minister and member of the House -- a tradeoff? Sounds like it.

If thinking the agreement we have with the original Americans should be kept and that the people are trying to break another agreement are racist pigs, if all the above makes me full of hatred for thinking people are equal according to your standards, then I guess I don't understand the meaning of the word hatred. Remember we killed or murdered a bigger percentage of original Americans than Hitler did Jews.

Harlan Broers

Clara City