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Editorial: Gingrich faces some political hurdles

Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign for the Republican nomination suffered a serious blow Thursday as his campaign's senior staff and key operatives resigned.

Gingrich vowed to continue his campaign with a new start during an appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition in Los Angeles.

The former Speaker of the House's presidential campaign has suffered several setbacks in the month since announcing his candidacy on May 11.

- Gingrich criticized the GOP's effort to privatize Medicare, calling it "right-wing social engineering."

- Negative publicity due to an unpaid $500,000 jewelry account at Tiffany's for his third wife, Calista. She was his mistress during his marriage to his second wife.

- His own spending habits have made Tea Party activists distrustful of his ability to cut government spending.

- He took a two-week vacation cruise in Greece against the advice of his campaign staff.

Now a mass staff exodus from his campaign raises serious concerns about the viability of his candidacy for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

The reality is that Gingrich has lost most of his senior staff, has limited fundraising ability and faces a campaign-spending crunch.

Gingrich faces major hurdles in revitalizing his campaign for the 2012 presidential race.