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Letter: A plea to our lawmakers

Since there is nothing to be gained and much to lose if the state shuts down, let us hope that reason will prevail.

Since both sides seem to have painted themselves into a corner, here is a simple suggestion. Remember, compromise means both sides have to give a bit.

To the governor, please accept the Republican budget proposal. If they truly represent the people, the election next year will tell us if they are right. To the Legislature, offer to junk your ridiculous constitutional amendment proposals, since they obviously are not needed and will waste millions as both sides flood us with one-sided emotional appeals.

I have noticed recent TV ads from both sides attempting to fix the blame on the other. Again, why waste much needed dollars trying to stir up emotions and widening the partisan divide? You were all elected to do the business of the state, so partisan gridlock is repugnant to all of us.

Adding 42,000 more unemployed people to the already obscenely high unemployment rate makes little economic sense. So, please, do what's good for the state, instead of what is not. You will all share the blame if a shutdown occurs.

Terry Holmquist