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Letter: Passing the educational torch

Our youngest of three sons will graduate from Willmar High School this spring.

We moved to Willmar when our oldest was about to start kindergarten nearly 20 years ago. We have been blessed to raise our family in a community that supports a strong and dynamic school system. The "educational torches" that our children carry off from their years in the Willmar Public Schools burn brightly as they move on to their next phases in life.

This community and these schools have given our sons the chance to make of their lives what they want to. What more can a community give its children? It is a positive feedback loop. By supporting strong schools and well-educated kids, they, in turn, will grow up to be giving, contributing citizens to Willmar and beyond.

It is our choice as citizens on Nov. 8 what happens to our kids' education. And by "our" kids we don't just mean our own family. We mean the children who live next door, down the street, playing on the playground. Strong communities know this and do something about it. Strong communities actively decide that they will equip all children with skills and knowledge for the chance at a bright future. To do less is not what a "community" does.

We will proudly vote "yes" for Willmar schools on Nov. 8 at WEAC. Our children have been the lucky recipients of many devoted teachers and great schools over the years. It is one of the main reasons that we are honored to call Willmar our hometown.

Karen and Greg Hilding