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Letter: Don't let the students suffer

I write to urge voters to support our Willmar schools by voting for the extension of the levy.

This is the same levy we have paid for the last 10 years, so taxes will not rise due to the school's budget. Note: the Legislature made changes that may cause taxes to rise, but is it fair to penalize children just because we may fear increased taxes from another cause?

Most importantly, students will suffer if the levy does not pass. The superintendent explained that kindergarten will be cut from the current full day schedule.

When I was in kindergarten we mostly played and did clay impressions of our little hands. Now, students learn so much in kindergarten that students who transfer to Willmar for first grade are often behind and need remediation.

When my daughter was in kindergarten, the teacher spent only one week on shapes. If students did not "get it," they needed remediation in kindergarten. Students learn much more quickly at that age, so we should not deprive current children of the excellent education our children received.

Other cuts have already been made. Last summer, letters lamented the missing marching band. We did not pass the increase that was requested by the School Board last time. This vote is not an increase -- just an extension, so the marching band will still not be funded.

I plan to attend the high school play this fall. I don't want to see more programs cut. My daughter graduated in 2002, so I do not have a child in the system. However, I will support our schools until my dying day as education is one of my most important values, right behind church and family.

Please vole to support our children. It is the Christian thing to do -- what would Jesus do? Don't forget: Nov. 8 at WEAC.

Peggy Karsten