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Letter: Police should be a priority

We need more police officers on duty, on any given shift.

The city of Willmar has grown, along with the crime rate and the boldness of the criminals. Four to five officers on duty per shift is not enough.

The City Council members need to stop thinking that they are just going to eliminate the police department, and just have the sheriff's department to police the city of Willmar. The mayor and a couple of other City Council members are in favor of this idea because it would somehow save the city money.

Not sure how that would work. We would, however, have enough money to beef up our police department if we stopped building so many bike paths and new city parks. What good will all these bike paths and parks be if they are not safe to use? There are days and nights that it is not even safe in our own homes.

The City Council and the mayor need to prioritize the needs of our city. No. 1 being a police department and No. 2 the repair of our city streets.

Instead of people wanting to donate monies for yet another park, donate for some new police cars and officers. Our city needs this. This is something we should worry our pretty little heads about.

Doris Barnes