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Letter: A vote to help the community

Sunday's church processional of happy, smiling kids waving red banners toward the front reminded me of another very similar scene this past month. It was the Homecoming pep rally at Willmar High School packed with different happy, smiling, Pep Band kids playing to their "congregation" of friends, alumni, parents and fans in the WHS bleachers. Cheering before the big game, a fun scene we don't get to see often, it was great to watch.

For those same kids are seen in all the schools of our district, and they are the future of our community. You know them. They sit next to you in your church, perform at school plays and concerts, sporting events, and wherever they happen to work and wait on you. They might be your neighbors sons' or daughters, maybe your own. They are consumers and customers as well in the Willmar area, spending money, which means they also help keep us employed. Their futures will, in part, depend on what you decide to do on Nov. 8, Election Day.

If you vote "yes" on this question, you are simply voting to extend the same levy the school district has been using for 10 years. Because our state Legislature has forced our district and others to find supplemental monies to operate at the present level, this is a vital issue. If you vote "no", you are telling our community and these students you aren't concerned about their future. If you vote "no", you will remember how you voted each time you see them; that you helped deny them a better chance in life.

As you think about all this, first remember the issue, that you can help others without it increasing your taxes. Please vote "yes" on Nov. 8 for a brighter tomorrow for all of us. This is something good you can do for Willmar and its students' future, now.

Mary Lou Arne