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Letter: What a 'no' vote means

When you vote no for the property tax levy, remember you are making the point you believe there is more to school management than "business as usual."

The boosters would like to convince the undecided that you are opposed to a good education, extracurricular programs, and preparation for college entrance. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is distortion to mistakenly try to strengthen their own point of view.

If this levy should fail, which personally I don't believe will happen, it would not be a catastrophe unless our school management team would be unimaginative in meeting the challenge to do more with less. How many of us have done that from time to time in our own lives or businesses?

Right now in Willmar, many who have suffered setbacks or have household income that has not kept pace with the cost of living for the last 10 years are uncomfortable with committing to nine more years into the unknown. Many are unable to make such a promise to pay. Particularly when the district has already said, "get ready for more of them (levies) in the future." How much more are you ready for them to take?

Education reform is a different solution and it embodies many avenues; most of them could be initiated by our district right now, if they would have the will and enthusiasm to do so. Eventually, to be successful the solution must involve the teachers union, the School Board, and the community.

Don't let anybody tell you a no vote means you don't care; it means you do care enough to plan for a sustainable future. A yes vote means go ahead, we agree to continue to throw money at "business as usual."

Concerned enough to tell you so.

David Herzer