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Letter: Vote to make a difference

A veteran, long-term resident of Willmar and baby boomer would describe me.

As a youth, part of my reasoning for serving my nation was to ensure future generations would have the same or greater opportunities that were enjoyed by my peers and me. An opportunity for a quality education provides for an optimistic future. Vote "yes'' on the Willmar education levy.

As a long-term resident of our ever-evolving Willmar community, it has been a joy to see the young people from Willmar High School contribute, provide, entertain and work hard at reaching out to assist, learn and go on to achieve many successes. Achievements have been recognized in the arts, sciences, law, medicine, corporate business and small business, to name a few of the numerous areas our young people have touched. These successes would not have been achieved or opportunities seized by our young people had it not been for the quality education and opportunities provided by our local school district. Vote "yes'' on the Willmar education levy.

As a baby boomer, my future and the future of millions of my generation and the generation ahead of me are in need and dependent on generations following ours. We have a deep-rooted tradition of providing for our young people, of doing what we have to do to make sure that they have a quality education. Our charge is to make sure that the opportunity for a quality education is provided to our young people. Vote "yes'' for the Willmar education levy.

Understand that it is realized there are issues with the system. The best way to correct those is to get involved, run for office and be the difference that makes the change.

Fernando Alvarado