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Letter: 'Yes' vote is vital to community

I vigorously support a yes vote on the Willmar operating levy. Support from greater Willmar area community members to renew this levy is vital for continued area economic development and to maintain a high level of education.

I have appreciated the School Board's significant efforts in the past decade to not only control costs, but also its obvious focus on continuously improving the academic programs that it offers the children of our community. As a family, we have seen both the positive results of these constant educational improvements, along with the negative impact of the many cost reductions the School District has been forced to make.

As a parent, community member and former employee, I have witnessed so many dedicated, hard-working and results-oriented school employees. No one claims the district and its staff are perfect. What organization is perfect? It is hard to miss the numerous deliberate efforts to continuously advance. I maintain that there are many amazing achievements happening in each school building every day.

As a 1981 Willmar graduate, I'm grateful for the education the community supported. This tradition of excellence has positively impacted my family members since the 1880s. One of the reasons we moved back in 1997 with a young son was because of the outstanding educational system.

Our School District is a major economic backbone of our community. Thus, the choice we make on Tuesday will impact us all. The district's high-quality academic programs are critical to the future success of our students and our area's economic growth. Until funding adjustments are made at the state level, we need to help take care of our local students, as so many have done before us.

Please vote yes on Tuesday -- for students and our community.

Bob Haines