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Letter: Afraid to shop in Willmar

Letter to members of the Willmar City Council: This past week I had the pleasure of sitting with an elderly woman from Appleton. This woman asked me where I was from. I told her I live in Willmar. She asked me if I was afraid to live in Willmar because of all the crime.

She then stated that she and her friends no longer come to Willmar to shop because of the crime she reads about.

As a lifelong resident of Willmar, I find this very upsetting. Have we become so complacent of what has happened to our town?

I think about how our downtown has changed. People do not want to shop downtown nor do businesses want to open up downtown. Through the rumor mill it is talked about how the apartments have cockroaches and rats in them. I ask when is the last time that the housing or health inspector evaluated the living conditions that people are living in? If this is true, this only breeds less than an appealing atmosphere for shopping or business.

Is there not a building downtown that the City Council wanted torn down last year? This same building is still standing today. Who should be enforcing someone to be responsible for the rundown of downtown Willmar? When do we take action? It has to be sooner than later. How many people are staying away because we have become so complacent about the community that we live in?

The people of Willmar and mostly the businesses of Willmar should be very upset with the elected officials that have let this happen to a wonderful community. When will you take action? You were elected to oversee our community. It is time that you do just that: Step up and take action so the elderly of Appleton will feel safe in Willmar.

Steve Pirsch