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Letter: A good man and leader

After reading two letters recently on the topic of the Willmar School District levy referendum, I was taken aback by the suggestions made against Wayne Lenzmeier, current board chair.

I have known Lenny for many years and without any doubt I can assure people that you will not find anyone who will operate more by the book than Lenny. When Lenny was first elected to the board, we did wonder how it would be for a recently retired teacher to now be sitting on the other side of the table.

After being involved on different committees with Lenny, I discovered that this man has one thing in mind and that is truly putting students first in all decision-making. I witnessed him disagree with some of his former colleagues on issues that he once agreed with them on, but after learning more about it from the standpoint of the board, he would explain why the district simply couldn't do it that way.

He has been dedicated in educating himself on education issues and on becoming a well-trained school board member. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Lenny in St. Paul advocating for the Willmar Public Schools while meeting with members of the House and Senate Education Committees.

We are hearing a lot about reform these days, and you should know that reform has no greater champion than Lenny, and frankly the Willmar School Board and administration.

All-day kindergarten, increased focus on math and communications, and a focus on increasing graduation rates of minorities are just a few of the ways where local reforms have occurred to directly benefit students.

I support a person's right to disagree with a levy, but to question the intent and integrity of a man like Wayne Lenzmeier is simply wrong.

Mike Carlson