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Protesters or nuisance?

Well, it has finally happened. There are now reports of multiple deaths at different Occupy Wall Street encampments, one of which was a shooting that occurred at Oakland, Calif., apparently over a bag of marijuana.

These deaths have also been accompanied by various reports of rapes, vandalism, and accompanied by various forms of public nudity. I wouldn't be surprised to see that a final result of these protest encampments could be accompanied by a number of sexually transmitted diseases.

Another report has it that the New York encampment has already established a "safe house" for females at the Zuccotti Park location (which, by the way, happens to be on private property). Sanitation at these encampments is Third-World, to put it mildly, and they have the audacity to tell us they represent 99 percent of the American people.

In reality some of the protesters have even been referred to as "useful idiots," a term that is often used by Communists to describe their Western counterparts. I wonder if any of those protesters have even given a minute's consideration as what it took to produce all of their smartphones and laptop computers that they are using to blast Wall Street with? Or did they just happen to magically appear out of nowhere at the stores, or maybe it was because of people like Steve Jobs who, by hard work and people willing to invest their money in Wall Street, that we have the technology that the protesters are able to buy and use.

What's it going to take to bring an end to the Occupy Wall Street gatherings? Will it involve more rapes, more robberies, or more deaths? It seems that President Obama is encouraging them to continue demonstrating, and he is using them as useful idiots?

Who's going to be paying the extra cost of police protection, the emergency workers, etc., and who's going to pay for cleaning up the filth after they're gone? You guessed it, the taxpayers. Or will Michael Moore help to pay the bill?

Earl Pederson