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Letter: Our greatest generation

Dec. 7, 2011, marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the day that does in fact live "in infamy." For on that fateful day in history, America suffered great loss: 3,500 dead or wounded, more than 350 aircraft destroyed and 18 ships sunk or severely damaged.

Many dark days followed the unthinkable ambush that occurred on U.S. soil. But throughout its history America has never accepted defeat or lasting despair, nor has it succumbed to intimidation.

The attack instead served as impetus for a renewed sense of national pride and spirit, and produced America's "greatest generation." America was strengthened by the very values upon which this great country was founded. Freedom, tolerance and service carried our great country to victory in World War II.

Though a great many of the survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor are no longer with us, we remember their contributions through service, devotion to duty and strive to emulate their selflessness and sense of patriotism daily. As we pause to remember the brave Americans who perished in the attack, as well as those who subsequently defended our nation, we remain inspired by their diligence, perseverance and sense of patriotic pride.

Brian Gis