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Letter: Sad day for a sportsman

I am writing because I am truly sad today. Five years ago we bought land just north of Big Kandiyohi Lake for hunting with the purpose of teaching and training my son-in-law (20s) and grandsons (ages 4 and 6) hunting.

We spent time food-plotting for the birds and putting up deer stands. We made it a family activity and truly had a ton of bonding and learning experiences. In my years of being a sportsman I have seen a lot of great things, but I have also seen some bad things like wanton waste of game and destruction of the natural resources.

I have explained to them that this is wrong and should never be tolerated and done by people that don't respect the land or the sport

But I couldn't explain to my grandson when we went out to our double ladder stand and found it wasn't there. Why someone would steal our stand off our land and ruin our season and rob me of a year of teaching and enjoying hunting with my family?

There was a time when sportsmen respected each other and would never think of such an act. This might be my last season and I will hope my son-in-law will continue hunting with my grandsons and teaching them the honor and tradition.

To the person who took the stand, I hope someday you will realize what you have robbed from me and my family and hope you feel regret and remorse.

Kevin Rieger

Forest Lake