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Letter: A time to show authority

If ever there was a time for the Willmar City Council to step up and take a direct interest in the management of the Willmar Municipal Utilities, it is now. The council has, in my opinion, an obligation as elected members of our community to ensure the long-term viability of the utility which is so vital to the proper functioning of our city.

I encourage the City Council to exercise their authority (as provided in Subdivision 5, Section 4.05 of the Willmar Municipal Code of Ordinances) to veto the decision taken last Monday by the Municipal Utility Commission.

Any investigation should be conducted by an unbiased party selected by the City Council, not by the Utilities Commission which, in my humble opinion, is too involved in the situation, because it is extremely important that the findings be totally objective.

Seems strange to me to read in the Wednesday Tribune one day following the action taken regarding Manager Bruce Gomm the following: "Baker said he has had contact with a company that is interested in conducting the investigation." It is my opinion that in a matter such as this, it would be well for the City Council to evaluate the credentials of any organization selected to conduct the investigation as it is vital that an experienced and professional firm be selected to conduct the investigation.

It is also my opinion that the investigation should include the general manager, staff members and the commissioners. The entire operation needs to be reviewed.

Such an investigation should be conducted with absolute integrity and be conducted in such a way that no stone be unturned.

Bob Bonawitz