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In the 1920s in Germany there was a great political divide. On the extreme right there was the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party. On the far left there was the Communist Party. Both of these advocated centralized control of virtually everything, they were socialist in nature. Because of the fear of communism, many, including members of the catholic church (small c) sided with the Nazi party. They assumed it would bring a solution to the poverty of the Great Depression.

Initially the Nazi party focused on anti-big business, anti-bourgeois and anti-capitalist rhetoric. Later it switched to something different.

What are the lessons of history? What will the extremism on the left and right lead to?

I thank God there is only one party at present which poses government control over virtually everything. We should learn from history. Who wants to centrally control health care and impose on the consciences of the people? I hear of a "compromise" which does not free the consciences of anybody because insurance companies will be forced to pass on the costs of the mandate including "free" morning-after abortion pills to policyholders. It will also continue to force compliance on the consciences of pharmacists.

There is absolutely nothing "free" about this health care; not the cost, not for employers, not individuals and certainly not the consciences of the people or Catholic institutions. I am all for providing health care for those who would suffer without it but this is not the solution.

Jim Schwarz

New London