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Letter: Ingredients for a gold medal

Michael Anderson's letter, "Rewarding the mediocre", in the Feb. 20 West Central Tribune finds me disappointed that an individual such as he would minimize the progression for achievement exhibited by the hard-working athletes of our hometown higher education institutions.

Anderson seems to feel the need to establish "balance sheet"-type accounting of the athletes' win-loss records in order for them to advance themselves above and beyond. But Anderson fails to realize that the true importance of applying oneself in amateur athletics isn't solely centered around one's achievements of lofty records and medals.

In pointing out the fact that his many gold medals were really of little significance in their overall representation of achievement, I think former NCAA wrestling great Dan Gable said it best "...Gold medals aren't really made of gold, they're made of sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called 'guts.'"

Kim Larson