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Letter: A team to be proud of

Attention all Ridgewater College wrestlers. Ridgewater College provided you an opportunity to wrestle and you responded with excellence in the classroom and on the mat.

You are in the running for top national academic honors with a team cumulative GPA of 3.27. With a team record of six wins and one loss against junior college competition and nine national qualifiers with over 160 wins total this season, you have earned respect among all junior colleges in the nation.

Your fans and your college know that you earned the privilege to represent Ridgewater College in the 2012 national junior college wrestling tournament. We know that you stayed in condition and practiced wrestling throughout the entire year. We know that you spent hours in the practice room refining your technique. We know that you always exhibited the best of sportsmanship before, during and after the wrestling meets.

And then, you went home and hit the books to maintain your academic standards.

Few others could, or would, make the sacrifices that you have made just for the opportunity to represent your school and take your place on the championship steps.

We sincerely applaud your work ethic. Earning a trip to the national tournament is a truly great achievement. And remember, it is not the trophy or the medal that defines your success and achievement. Rather, it is the battle that you endured to get there.

We are proud of you. Go, Warriors!

James A. Larson