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Letter: Bachmann did us a service

I read with great interest the attacks on Rep. Michelle Bachmann for her statement revealing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's questionable appointments of certain members of her staff.

When I first heard one of Clinton's top aides was so closely related to leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood, I was wondering why our Secretary of State would allow her to serve in such a delicate position. The Muslim Brotherhood is the new powerhouse in the Middle East and their intentions are not something that the U.S. should treat lightly. Why wasn't our leadership on both sides of the aisle more diligent about such an important subject, especially considering the tremendous upheavals and bloodshed taking place over there? Bachmann was performing a service to our country by bringing attention to a situation that should never been allowed to happen in the first place.

And then playing that old canard, the McCarthy card? Haven't the writers noticed that there is mounting evidence from new research that makes a very good case that Sen. Joe McCarthy was exactly right in his quest to rid Hollywood and Washington of a subversive movement instigated by those who were trying to aid the USSR? And rest assured, the left, many of whom have much in common with their former comrades, will never forgive him and go to their graves trying to stamp out any intelligent discussion that would threaten their version of the past.

Bachmann is respected by many for her boldness, truthfulness, and honesty. You don't suppose that the jealous old power brokers on both sides of the aisle are just a little upset with someone who does not kowtow to their wishes. After all, it's their brand of consummate insider politics that has everyone rating politicians in their low teens.

Jackie Cain, Willmar