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Letter: A boost to the local economy

Since opening Three Sisters Furnishings a little over three years ago, our dad has stressed the importance of the many events that take place in the community, and how those events impact the local economy. He often says, "When a crowd of people have a reason to visit the community for various events, all businesses of the area will benefit." That statement certainly proved to be true this past weekend.

Thousands of people attended the 30th year of Prairie Pothole, along with the open house at Sibley State Park. Judging by the cars in the Three Sisters and Pete's parking lot, Double J Masonry's lot, Prairie Pothole's lot and the number of cars parked along the highway, it was a record turnout. Pete's Surplus and our store were busy all day. At Glacial Ridge Winery another big crowd was enjoying the festivities as they held their annual grape stomp. Three weeks ago, the New London Fine Arts Festival and New London Music Festival brought crowds into the area. This weekend is "Celebrate Art, Celebrate Coffee."

These events have a tremendous impact on the economy of Kandiyohi County as people -- many of them from outside the area -- enjoy the shopping, arts and recreation of the area. Hotels, resorts, shops, gas stations, restaurants, etc., benefit from the crowds that show up. And by extension the tax base and economic well-being of the county is strengthened. Thank you to all the organizers.

Our dad, Roger Imdieke, understands how important these events are to the economy in the Fourth District of Kandiyohi County and the county in general. And he understands how these events -- in large part related to the recreation, arts and shopping of the area -- are reasons why businesses and professionals will be attracted to making Kandiyohi County home. This vision and understanding of business is just one of the reasons why the voters of the Fourth District of Kandiyohi County should elect our dad to the County Board of Commissioners.

Tracy Knudsen, Spicer

Katie Hentges, Spicer

Jacki Imdieke, Lebanon, N.H.