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Letter: Saved by the conservatives

Recent letters from the usual goofy lefties are really out there. They're consistent in vile meanness and inaccuracy. I wonder if they have a writing club with its goal to complain and twist any action by the other side. Their understanding of history could only take place on another planet, perhaps in a parallel universe.

In 2010 Minnesota, like a good portion of our country, voted for conservative change. After two years of being fed expensive Washington baby food full of phony rhetoric, the country said enough.

Minnesota followed suit and went Republican, both in the Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate. Minnesota voters replaced the big spenders.

That year in a close three-person race Mark Dayton was elected our governor. Without a mandate, he still pushed ahead for higher taxes and to spend more. Maybe he's not very smart as Minnesotans had just said with their vote our taxes are already high enough and enough with foolish spending. Or maybe he wanted to make political points.

Those elected to get Minnesota's finances back in order did so with Minnesota's best interests in mind. They proposed a budget and made changes to protect Minnesotans and protect our state's financial rating (so future borrowing wouldn't come at a higher cost). Instead of working with the Republicans, our governor threw a tantrum like a spoiled rich kid. He shut down the state government. State funding couldn't go ahead without his signature. Weeks later he realized his tantrum failed and signed the funding bills so Minnesota could be back in business.

But after the bills were signed, Minnesota got on with construction projects, lottery tickets were processed, life was good (as well as it could be in the Obama economy). And the bills the governor signed didn't put anyone out in the street begging for food or cover. Minnesota's finances have greatly improved, thanks in part to Rep. Bruce Vogel and Sen. Joe Gimse.

Gary Gilman