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Letter: Whom to believe? Not Obama

Readers and voters: With all our experiences these last four years, will you think this November? Tons of political ads. Tons of rhetoric. Who do we believe?

From debate performances between Obama and Romney, who has the real answers to solve America's ills? I, as well as millions of Americans, watched the last two debates; who had real answers? Obama/Biden constantly blaming others? Or Romney/Ryan offering solutions (and being blamed for having a stance)?

We are in tough times. The current administration has made it even tougher. Please read up and educate yourselves -- do you understand our current debt deficit? Obama kills coal, spends millions on green energy to go belly up. Obama kills a pipeline from Canada and North Dakota to make us energy-independent, then still blames the right for our unemployment rates.

Who do we believe? Obamacare -- the exclusions if you are left-leaning. The GM bailout -- the government took it over, fired private company executives and gave one-third ownership to the unions, and went through bankruptcy proceedings nonetheless and yet Obama saved that company. GM went bankrupt. And yet our current president touts otherwise and stretches it more.

Libya -- a stupid video is our foreign policy stance. The Middle East is on fire and we spend $70,000 on a video apologizing for a video that killed four Americans and caused turmoil in over 20 countries. We were attacked. No protesters. No demonstrations. This November please don't vote stupid. We cannot survive another four years of Obama.

I'm sorry if I offend you, but the current administration has not been able to remove free speech -- but it is surely in the works. We need true change, and change we can believe in. Vote the teleprompter guy out.

Brett Aasen