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Letter: Protect our right to vote

I've always been proud of the fact that Minnesota has one of the highest voter turnouts, if not the highest, in our nation.

That's why it is so disappointing that the Republican-majority Legislature decided to disenfranchise and discriminate against everyday Minnesota citizens in an attempt to sway the political pendulum in their favor.

With the Citizens United Republican-leaning Supreme Court decision treating corporations as people, the largest corporations are buying elections throughout the nation. Even if you are a Republican, this should concern you, as you, like everyone else, is watching your individual voice disappear.

It's hard to imagine a time when any American would willing turn more power over to the already too rich and powerful banks and oil companies. Sadly, this appears to be the agenda of the Republican Party today.

Don't you believe that our individual voting rights should be protected? We send our young men and women all around the world to fight and die for democracy so people in other countries can have hope for a voice against dictators.

Yet right here in Minnesota we are facing a decision, crafted for political gain, that will ultimately result in legitimate registered voters not being able to vote because of the extra burden that photo ID will cause them.

Shameful. This is so un-American. We should be encouraging even more participation rather than establishing barriers for problems that have no justification. Republican legislators should have rallied their base by actually passing good legislation and left the constitution alone. Please vote no.

Jim Falk