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Letter: Vote for Republicans

This letter is to everyone who is going to vote for Mitt Romney for president. Please, please vote for Kurt Bills for U.S. Senate and Lee Byberg for the House of Representatives.

A President Romney is going to need legislative help to repeal Obamacare and fix the economy. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Collin Peterson both support Obamacare, cap and trade and the excessive regulations strangling the economy.

On the state side, please keep in mind that we have a tax-and-spend Democrat governor. So in order to keep him from wasteful spending and increasing taxes, we must keep the Legislature in Republican hands.

Democrats always say that they are only going to increase taxes on the "rich" just like Bill Clinton claimed when he raised taxes in 1993. Yes, he and his Democrat-controlled Congress raised the top rate, but they also raised the gas tax by almost 30 percent and increased the federal taxes middle-class retirees pay on their Social Security benefits by as much as 117 percent. Then, because Minnesota taxes the same income the feds do, Minnesota taxes on those same Social Security benefits increased 70 percent. So much for just raising the taxes on the rich.

Barbara Kirtz