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House votes to end government shutdown, sending legislation to Trump

Letter: What true Christianity means

It seems funny how "Christians" are pulling bits and pieces from the Bible to suit their needs when it comes to the marriage amendment.

If you have really read Romans 1.26-28, you would actually find that God gave his people up because they had fallen far from their faith. Same with Sodom and Gomorrah.

God has never defined marriage. It was the hierarchy of the church that did. Lest we not forget, the canons were put together by the counsel to keep their control over common folk. They made laws, collected taxes, and controlled how you worshiped. They were scared of Jesus.

Just as the Catholic Church is showing their ignorance and hypocrisy. They condemn homosexuality and yet they hide their pedophiles and oppress their women. And still people blindly follow.

God never wanted that. Jesus never taught that. God made us all who we are for a reason. And gave us the power of choice.

And Jesus' teachings revolved around compassion, tolerance, and love. And the power to find love and happiness with whomever we choose. That is all Jesus ever wanted.

So think about that when you vote.

Will you follow blindly calling yourself "Christians"?

Or will you follow Jesus and understand what true Christianity means?

Rev. Kevin M. Plemmons