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Letter: Sawatzky, DFL bad on taxes

Minnesota is at a crossroads this election year. Many dollars are being spent by the Minnesota DFL and out-of-state interests. They're spending a fortune on negative mailers. Ever wonder where they get so much money and what they want? Locally one candidate says she thinks we need to spend more time working together, and our property taxes are going to go through the roof. I don't know where she gets her information. Maybe she wants to work with Governor Dayton and make sure we pay more taxes. I think she's wrong. Minnesotans are taxed enough. Higher taxes won't fix the problem. It's a spending issue.

As I looked into the homestead property tax issue, it's clear it needed to be fixed. The Republican House did just that. For years the Democrats tried. Even Sen. Lyle Koenen voted to eliminate the homestead credit. It had to be fixed because the homestead credit wasn't working.

The website for Aitkin County states: "In seven of the last eight years, the state did not pay the full credit amount to at least some local governments, due to its budget problems. This meant each year many local governments were left with a deficit in their budgets because of the state's inability to pay the amount it owed." Hello Minnesota DFL, you controlled the State House and Senate the majority of those years and could have fixed it, but didn't.

Instead, the newly elected Minnesota Republican majority saddled with Minnesota's debt addressed this issue. And the Homestead Property Tax was redone with bipartisan support and signed by the governor (the leader of Minnesota's DFL). Now Mary Sawatzky says they were wrong. No, Mary, you're wrong and wrong to lie and wrong to create fear. Shame on you, Mary Sawatzky, and shame on the Minnesota DFL.

Gary Gilman