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Letter: Jacob's Law supports them

I would like you to consider something next week when you go to the polls. Who will you vote for? Why? Most people tend to vote with their party, no matter who the candidate is. I am asking you to think twice about that deciding factor.

Rep. Bruce Vogel showed all of us this last year what can be done when lawmakers listen to the people they represent. Unlike other lawmakers in our state, Bruce cared enough to meet with a mom whose family fell through a loophole in Minnesota law. In record time, just two months and ten days from the first reading, Rep. Bruce Vogel was able to gain the support of the House and Senate, unanimously, and Jacob's Law was signed April 4 by Governor Dayton.

Sen. Joe Gimse also co-authored the bill and helped to carry it through the Senate. I have met personally with Tim Miller, who is running for Minnesota House District 17A, and he has pledged his commitment to addressing other loopholes in Minnesota Law that impact our children and families. I ask that you remember this: Some of the most important issues we face are not specifically favored by one or the other of our two-party political system.

Bruce Vogel introduced this law because he cared about Minnesota's children and families. We here at Jacob's Law, believe it is the individual that should gain our support, not the political party the voter is loyal to. We here at Jacob's Law look forward to working with these three candidates over the next two years. Please help us by voting them into the Minnesota House and Senate.

Sarah Corder Guggisberg

Jacob's Law

Clara City