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Letter: Why false attacks on Mary Sawatzky?

Who is behind all of the mailings we have received that falsely attack Mary Sawatzky?

Who is hiding behind names such as "Minnesota's Future" and "Coalition of Minnesota Business PAC" and are listed as sponsors of the ads? All of these ads must cost many thousands of dollars, so it seems apparent that those behind the ads must have a lot of money to spend, and they want Bruce Vogel re-elected.

Some of the ads we received from "Minnesota's Future" claim that Mary is supported by powerful special interests. Really? The folks producing these ads must benefit greatly from Rep. Vogel's votes in the Legislature. So, they must assume that the expensive advertising is a good investment that will pay a high return if Vogel is re-elected.

Please don't let Mr. Vogel and his wealthy friends buy an election! Mary Sawatzky is a person of integrity and excellent character. She is a highly principled woman with an exceptional work ethic, and she deserves to be judged fairly on her merits. Vote for Mary.

Ray and Betty Hyser