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Letter: Back Republicans

In 2010, Minnesota elected, for the first time in nearly 40 years, a Republican legislature. Saddled with a deficit of almost 6 billion dollars, and applying Republican values of fiscal responsibility and limited government, this legislature was able to turn that deficit into a surplus of 1.5 billion. Joe Gimse and Bruce Vogel worked in a bipartisan way to balance the budget (a legal requirement, unlike the federal government) and did so without raising taxes. Both Joe and Bruce earned 100 percent scores from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business for their pro-business voting records in the past session. In addition, both have been endorsed for reelection by the Minnesota Chamber's Leadership fund and the NFIB.

Why is this important to you? Pro-business is pro jobs and ensures that both private-sector job creation and economic growth will continue in Minnesota. Full employment equals more taxpayers, which allows our state to fill our budget needs in a fiscally responsible way. Business in Minnesota is tough, with each of our neighbors trying to lure our companies to their state with better tax climates. This situation will not change unless we elect candidates who understand that business is the engine of our economy. If you are a student training for a good job or a veteran worker of a company here in Minnesota, it is in your best interest to elect business friendly candidates. Without that environment, the job you are training for or currently hold may leave Minnesota or just disappear.

So, on Nov. 6, let's not change back to the high tax, high spending ways of the past. Be sure and vote for Bruce Vogel for Minnesota House of Representatives District17B, and Joe Gimse for State Senate District 17.

Roland Nissen