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Letter: Imdieke will serve well

We have taken time to understand the issues facing District 4 of Kandiyohi County. We strongly support Roger Imdieke. Roger is well prepared for the work of commissioner. As owner of a successful retail business he understands the financial realities of budget limits and responsible use of tax dollars. We live in a time where we need accountability and transparency in county operations.

As a farmer, Roger understands the importance of being a good steward of our natural resources. We are facing important issues related to our land and water use. Our lakes are threatened by aquatic invasive species. We believe that Roger will work to ensure that we take a sensible approach in maintaining a healthy balance of land and waterways use while protecting our precious natural resources.

We feel comfortable voting for Roger as a friend and fellow citizen because he will apply logic, reason and compassion to the issues our county encounters. We have watched Roger work diligently and intelligently on other successful projects. He has always taken the necessary time to learn all facets of an issue. He is able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people. We also feel comfortable voting for Roger as a taxpayer because he will work hard to use our resources sensibly. He will be an excellent civil servant for our district and for our county. Please vote for Roger Imdieke for District 4 Kandiyohi County Commissioner.

Dr. Richard and Nancy Wehseler