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Letter: A joyous message of Christmas

 Music is in the air, choirs and concerts tell the good news as the many colored lights brighten up our homes, communities and churches inviting all to “Come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant.”

 What a great power enfolds us as we wonder as we wander out under the sky, how Jesus the Savior did come for to die? A little town in Bethlehem the silent stars go by as the dark streets shine an everlasting light affecting all mankind for all time. A power giving light and strength to all who seek and find. For God so loved the world, he gave a peace this world cannot give.

 Several Christmases ago we were given a clock which we hung on the kitchen wall. With the help of a new battery now and then it has played a Christmas carol tune every hour on the hour year in and year out. This year I wrote a story, “Christmas Goosebumps,” about the emotions of peace and joy which engulf me each time I hear a Christmas melody played. I wish these Christmas goosebumps on all people. The mystery and powers of the word made flesh — joy, peace, love, hope.

 From what we read and hear from newspapers and TV our world is changing as the dark clouds of lies, deception, fraud, trickery, hate and wars are all around us. May we pray and remember the word of God reminds us, “Be still and know that I am God.” The world’s greatest gift of Christmas is Jesus. “O, Come let us adore Him Christ the Lord.”

 May the peace and joy of Christmas live in your heart all year long.