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Close The tragedy of a football fan

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Bad luck was in the air in Green Bay on Sunday. I could feel it 4000 miles away from a bar stool in a Lima casino.

The spectacular decline of the Packer juggernaut against the upstart New York Giants played like a study in lost opportunity. A pass to Jermichael Finley with a clear path to the end-zone... dropped. A solid run up the middle by John Kuhn... fumbled. A blind hail mary pass to the end zone by Eli Manning to end the first half... caught in spectacular fashion by a Giants receiver.

What was a season of hope and promise ended with a few dropped passes and a Manning brother having a particularly good day. I sank further into my chair as it dawned on me that I had just squandered about five months of perfectly good Sundays. Dozens of sunny afternoons spent in dark, dingy bars.

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