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Close Cooking with tofu presents challenges

This sounds more serious than it actually is, but I just ran out of tofu.

For years I've bought the stuff, meaning to incorporate it into our eating lifestyle, and I have: we've eaten chocolate tofu pudding (silken tofu pulverized in a blender with sugar and cocoa); tofu scrambled eggs (soft tofu mashed with spices and fried like eggs); tofu tacos (firm tofu crumbled with onions and fried like hamburger) -- and they all tasted about as good as they sound.

But I never let things go, even when the pop medical news journalists announce that we don't have to eat the stuff after all, because maybe it's not as good for us as they've been trumpeting for so long. True to the way I live most of my life, I finally discovered a decent use for tofu long after I stopped looking.

I stir fry it as part of a Thai food entree.

Well, duh. Common sense shouts that food unusual to the American palate generally tastes best in its original habitat, and Asian cuisine has incorporated something like tofu well into a rich history that does not include chocolate pudding.

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