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Forum Mom: Save 50 cents to boost your family's budget

It never failed. Every time I stopped to fill up my car with gas, I remembered the coupon for 4 cents off per gallon was still hanging on my refrigerator. Heck of a lot of good it did me there.

So I've started to keep those gas coupons, whether from the grocery store or a coupon mailer, in my car. That way they'll be with me when I need them.

It may not seem like a big deal to save 50 cents on a tank of gas, but if you fill up weekly, that's about $25 a year.

In my family, $25 is an extra contribution to one of the kids' college savings accounts.

Now think if you could make five or 10 or 20 small changes that would save 50 cents a week. Suddenly you've got hundreds of extra dollars in the bank, provided you capitalize on them.

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