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Send your story to the Tribune's Reader News

The West Central Tribune is seeking content for Reader News.

The content of Reader News, scheduled to run every Monday, will consist solely of stories and/or photos contributed by Tribune readers. This content will feature news about the people and organizations of west central Minnesota.

This reader-generated content, also commonly called citizen journalism, will be written by readers and citizens about local news, people or events that deserve recognition. The author of each item will be credited.

This content should be an original story and/or photo about area residents, organizations or news events located in or having a connection to west central Minnesota. Readers may submit any original content they wish for consideration in this reader-generated feature. The primary content criteria will be that the event must have occurred recently and that it has not been published previously.

Examples of Reader News are as follows:

* An article and/or photo of a neighborhood gathering.

* An article and/or photo of a speaker at a service club.

* A photo of a youth completing a project in your community

Please submit any Reader News you think deserves recognition in your community.

Submissions may sent to: Each item should include the writer's name, mailing address and contact phone number, in case of questions. Submissions may be edited for basic grammar, style and length purposes. Photos need to be high resolution and cannot come from Facebook. The full names of everyone in photos required for publication.