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Houlahan to retire from Pioneerland

WILLMAR -- Following a 40-year library career that includes serving the past 19 years at the helm of Pioneerland Regional Library System, Executive Director John Houlahan will retire May 4.

Pioneerland, one of 12 regional library systems in Minnesota, is headquartered in Willmar and oversees 32 libraries serving 165,000 people in nine counties of west central Minnesota.

In announcing his resignation, Houlahan acknowledged the contributions and support of library patrons, board members and staff. He also listed the many contributions of cities and counties and their officials.

Houlahan noted that 17 of the communities in Pioneerland have either built new libraries or remodeled libraries during his time as regional library director.

He noted that change was the one common thread.

He said there have been changes in all aspects of libraries and library services. The newest changes are the Legacy programs attended by thousands of area patrons and, beginning this summer, a new service by Overdrive to provide area library patrons with downloadable books, audios and videos.