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MPCA seeking public comments on Diamond Lake report

ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is seeking comments on a water quality improvement report for Diamond Lake. The report focuses on pollution caused by excess nutrients in the lake. A public comment period began Monday and continues through June 22.

Excess nutrient levels, particularly phosphorus, led to the 1,600-acre lake being placed on the list of impaired waters.

The study assessed nutrient levels and determined the current phosphorus load of 5.3 kilograms per day will need to be reduced to 3.78 kilograms per day for the lake to meet water quality standards during summer months.

The report is part of a nationwide effort under the federal Clean Water Act to identify and clean pollution in streams, rivers and lakes.

After receiving public comments, the MPCA will revise the report and submit it to the EPA for approval.

Following EPA approval, a plan will be developed to reduce pollution throughout the watershed.

The draft report is available online at tmdl-draft.html. Written comments should be submitted to Maggie Leach, MPCA, 7678 College Rd, Ste. 105, Baxter, MN 56425 or by email to

For more information, call Leach at 218-316-3895 or toll-free at 800-657-3864.