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Bras made to draw attention to breast cancer, raise Relay funds

This bra was created in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Members of the public can leave donations in the envelope attached and the funds will be distributed to two Relay For Life teams. Tribune photo by Gary Miller

Peg Fortmann, owner-manager of Curves in Willmar, said Tuesday that members of her fitness center for wo-men, have enjoyed the decorated bras their peers created in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Fortmann said members of the public can come to see the bras hanging on a wall at the center and, if they wish, place a donation in an envelope attached to each one. Proceeds will go to two Relay For Life teams, Fortmann said.

While most of the bras have humorous themes, one of them has a face on one cup and a comic book dialogue bubble that says, "I lost my twin to breast cancer."

It was made by a Curves member in honor of a friend, also a member, who underwent breast surgery this summer, Fortmann said.

"Our clientele is all women, it's more important for us than most," Fortmann said.

While members are amused by the display, the bras have a serious message.

"If just one woman sees this and says 'Oh my, I need to get my mammogram,' or 'I forgot to do a self exam this month,' it will be worth it," Fortmann said.